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Avanti Markets Continues Successful Product Integration with Cantaloupe Systems

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By Avanti Markets / Nov 01, 2017

Integration helps operators using Avanti Markets Micro Market and Cantaloupe Systems deliver high-quality operator services experience

RENTON WA – November 2017 –Avanti Markets and Cantaloupe Systems continue to integrate their respective technologies allowing Avanti Markets micro market operators to utilize Cantaloupe vending management solutions.

"Integrating Avanti Markets with the Cantaloupe platform allows micro market operators take advantage of both systems in ways that can help them find even more operational efficiencies," said John Reilly, president of Avanti Markets.

aAvanti Markets' premier micro market management system technology helps operators better manage day-to-day operations, and that capability will be enhanced with Cantaloupe's technologies for their vending and OCS businesses.

"Avanti Market’s mission of enabling micro market operators to deliver the best customer experience by leveraging innovative technology is furthered through our integration with Cantaloupe," said Reilly.

As planned, a successful BETA test was completed late this summer and is now live in almost 50 micro markets. With Phase One complete, new integrated micro markets will come on line as the teams move into Phase Two of the testing.

In Phase Two, Avanti and Cantaloupe will continue to maximize efficiency and scalability in the transition to commercialization.  Our joint project team has selected two new operators as BETA partners for Phase Two and completion will be paced by both companies’ development schedules and priorities.

Avanti and Cantaloupe have set a goal of wider availability after completion of the second phase of the pilot.

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