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How to Stay Focused at Work

Create a happier, healthier workplace 

By Avanti Markets / Apr 10, 2017

Constant distraction is an inescapable pest in today’s workplace, often taking away valuable time and achievement. When we are able to truly focus on a task it improves our productivity and satisfaction. The first step to eliminating distractions in the workplace is to identify the culprits. These common productivity-stealers have simple solutions that will help you manifest your most productive self:

  • Problem: You’re a multi-tasking master. While it may seem like multi-tasking would be an asset in the workplace, often it is purely detrimental to success. When you are used to doing so many things at once, it becomes difficult to fully focus on the most important task and complete it well. Studies show that brainpower measurably decreases by about 20 percent when we multitask.

Solution: Budget your time just like you budget your money. At the beginning of the workday jot down a quick “time budget.” Write every task you can think of, personal and work related, and then dedicate a number of minutes or hours you’ll need to accomplish it. Sometimes making a plan is enough to put distractions on the back burner. Your mind knows you’ve accounted for them, so you are free to focus on the now.

  • Problem: You’re on technology overload. These wonderful objects that keep us connected actually pose the most significant distraction imaginable. When we rely heavily on technology to manage and execute our lives, it can quickly become a roadblock to productivity.

Solution: Turn it off. Sometimes it feels like we are so dependent on our devices that we simply can’t turn them off, but the truth is we can and we should! If you know you are the type who becomes easily distracted by your phone, then the only solution is to turn it off when you are at work. All the alerts and texts will still be there at the end of the day when you power back on. At the very least, turn off all alerts and tuck your phone away in a drawer or purse.

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