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Wallet-free with Near Field Communication

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By Avanti Markets / May 17, 2017

As eager consumers seek out the latest ever-more-efficient mobile device, what many don’t realize is that an underutilized technology is already sitting in their pockets. Marketed primarily in the U.S. as “Tap to Pay” technology, Near Field Communication (NFC) is more than just a new solution to purchase your favorite items at your breakroom market. It’s fast, portable and poised to revolutionize how we communicate and interact, including with Avanti Markets’ kiosks through the Ingenico iUC285 payments acceptance device.


NFC technology utilizes a chip and short range radio frequency. When one NFC chip comes within about four inches of another chip the two will talk to each other. The information they share can enable transactions, identification, file transfer and more. One of the most impressive and potentially revolutionary uses of NFC technology is card emulation. Not only can the customer use their smartphone to pay, but the NFC chip, along with a wallet app, will allow the user to manage a wide array of accounts and payments from a single interface.


Avanti Markets kiosks that have the Ingenico iUC285 cashless payments device allow for NFC capabilities, including Apple Pay®, Android Pay™ and Samsung Pay. This means that customers can now utilize their phones and the mobile wallet component to literally ‘tap to pay’ when purchasing items at the kiosk.

Utilizing NFC at the Avanti Markets kiosk has many benefits:

  • No need to carry cash or credit/debit cards, just your smartphone
  • Ultimate convenience and a quick, simple way to pay
  • Secure payment method

Plus, utilizing NFC is easy. Here’s how:

  1. Open up Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay
  2. Hold your smartphone within an inch of the payments device until the reader confirms the transaction is completed
  3. If prompted, choose “Credit”, regardless of your type of card

These technologies can help to make the entire process an even more convenient solution at the breakroom market. Make sure to check it out with your next purchase!

Want to learn more about the Ingenico iUC285 device? Read our press release.

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