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A new way to grab and go with micro markets

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By Avanti Markets / Jul 03, 2017

As consumers, our preferences continuously change and evolve, but one thing remains consistent: we all still want convenience.

Convenience with the entire payment experience remains front and center. As a technology leader, Avanti Markets always seeks for new ways to blend technology with convenience, especially as it relates to offering fresh foods and micro markets so that you can have the best grab and go experience.

In order to exceed these expectations, Avanti Markets’ micro markets now have the latest innovations in payment technologies. Check them out:

TAP AND GO: Pay your way
Tap and go payments, also referred to as contactless payments, offer a quick way to pay with just a smartphone and a tap at the kiosk. This means that you can now use your smartphone to literally ‘tap to pay’ when purchasing items at the kiosk. This has many benefits:

  • No need to carry cash or credit/debit cards, just your smartphone
  • Ultimate convenience
  • Secure payment method

Apple Pay®, Android Pay™ and Samsung Pay are all available at the market.

FINGERPRINT: Check-out is easy as a finger tap
The great news about payment with your finger is that no one can copy your fingerprint! This feature is perfect for employees or companies that operate in a hands-free, wallet-free environment. No need to carry cash, cards or a smartphone - just you and your fingerprint!

PAYROLL DEDUCT: Make meals easy
With Payroll Deduct, employees can opt to pay for their breakroom market purchases at the pay period end directly via their paycheck. Another simple way to pay that caters to employee choice and preference.

Next time you’re at the breakroom market, make sure to try one of these new payments methods. Whether tapping your smartphone, checking out with your fingerprint or paying directly via your paycheck – take grab and go to a whole new meaning!

Want to bring a micro market to your office? Learn more here or watch how a micro market can transform your breakroom.

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